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I use this place to hold various creative endeavors, HTML snippets I want to save, joke pages, and various other random here-and-there tidbits.

It is not cohesive and doesn't particularly have a theme, but what's the beauty of a website if not just doing whatever?

Links on the right and on the bottom! And in the opposite corner too. Really just everywhere. Crazy world these days
Fake Touhou 1: CiAF Story Summary
Summary of the characters and plotline of my not-real Touhou fangame

Get to know some weird animals. Little out of date...

Goatlings HTML Page
This just holds my various Goatlings profiles I've made. They're cute I think!

witness the beauty

Sleepdreams Guest Book
Recently revamped to not have to use company software!

Original Character Profiles
Defunct homepage for OC profiles. Hoping to revamp it entirely soon.

I don't have much else on here yet... I'll get there
This website was originally made to host my twines! Here they are!

ghsot witch adventure 1/22/15
Made in a haze at 5 in the morning! Typo on every page!

merry has a nice day 8/8/15
Enjoy of touhou! Gay rights! Yea baby!

Flora Tales 10/12/18
The sizing is broken on some computers!

Spec Story 9/18/19
Took 5 years to finish somehow! Uh oh!

My stylesheets are often adapted from these ones from Glorious Trainwrecks!

If you want to visit me in other places, check it out!

Personal Blog: I just kind of post whatever here.

OC Blog: Original character art. Defunct, but new one soon maybe?

Toyhouse Character Repository: A forever-WIP. I might come back to it someday, but for now it's mostly used as an art gallery rather than for much info.