Jun Onishi

Jun Onishi

"Reformed Prettygirl"
Personal Traits
Age 30 y/o
Birthday April 13
Identity Ace Lesbian
Pronouns she/her
Nationality Japanese American
Fun Facts
Likes Fashion androgyny, mystery stories with really convoluted explanations
Dislikes Pushy people, cooking, really loud crowded places
Fav. Food Vanilla Coffee
Fav. Color Black/Gray/White
Fav. Animal Quiet ones
"No, no. Don't say that to me. First of all, I don't believe you. Second, if I did, I wouldn't care."

Jun has never been the kind of person who could be considered 'kind' upfront. She tends to be somewhat flat affect in interactions, and seems to always be able to find something to criticise in the moment. Her cold personality tends to leave a poor first impression on others, though maybe it's on purpose, after all; she isn't interested in catering to relationships where she has to pretend to be demure to be taken seriously.

Jun is very straightforward and honest, in a way that can be offputting. She doesn't want people to get any incorrect ideas, or be lead to believe things that aren't true. This creed goes both ways; she will be honest with you if she thinks your idea is bad or you're going to make a bad decision, but she'll also be honest with you if she thinks what you're doing is right in the face of disapproval. She's quick to stand up for people who she feels are being wronged. She's very blasé in regards to dealing with difficult people, and quick to jump into situations where it seems like someone is being cornered. She has high sympathies for people who struggle to say 'no'.

She is the kind of person who likes to complain, but doesn't entertain people trying to loop her into drama. She is quick to leave situations she doesn't like. She values her personal time and is very protective of it. Friends of hers compare her to a moody cat that sits with you but almost never lets you pet it. She's not sure she agrees, but the comparison doesn't bother her much.


Jun grew up fairly isolated, living in a house distanced enough from other places that driving would be required to do almost anything. Struggling to make many strong personal relationships throughout school no matter how much she tried to conform to what was popular, she became burnt out and agitated, and by the end of highschool had withdrawn entirely on a social level. She saw the transition to college as a kind of escape, as though being reborn into a newer, more promising life.

She enrolled into a college in the city, throwing herself into the social scene. She moved into shared housing with two roommates, met a lot of people, went a lot of places. Intentionally trying to come across more pleasantly, she tended to make herself more small and quiet than she typically would, letting others do as they please, talk to her as they please. The heavy level of interaction frazzled her, but the idea of being completely alone frightened her. In this time frame, and still believing herself to be straight, she also ended up in a disaster relationship.

By her fourth year she began to unravel. She broke up with her boyfriend, and he proceeded to work through her friend group to convince them all to despise her. Exhausted and heavily depressed, her roommates allege that she left one day and just... didn't come back, for a long time.

The details of what exactly happened to her in that time aren't very clear. Something happened. She doesn't talk about it. It's hard to tell how clearly she remembers it, as well, given that her memory became more spotty since. She came back roughly a year later changed, with a much more blunt personality and much shorter hair. I can';t finigsh this right now my head feels like fuzz

Physical Details

Jun stands at about 5'6", neither particularly thin nor particularly fat, with F-cup breasts. She has pale skin that is dotted over with small freckles, and warm brown eyes. Her hair, naturally red but recolored semi-frequently to a cool blonde, has a very straight texture, and is cut into an asymmetrically-angled bob, with blunt bangs.

At a younger age, she tended much more femmy, with ribbons, floral patterns and shades of pink; she also used to wear much more makeup as well as hiding her freckles beneath foundation. Over time, she realized that she didn't actually enjoy any of that very much, and has since begun exploring more androgynous fashion concepts, as well as uncovering an affinity for more neutral monochrome tones, fascinated by what you can do with color* blocking and layering and creating interesting looks from less complexity.

She's fairly strong with decent stamina, but she also hates the feeling of tiring herself out physically, so she tends to avoid doing much heavy physical activity as much as she can (especially if she can get someone else to do it).