Georgia Mayumi Oshiro

Georgia Mayumi Oshiro


"Spokesperson of the Cryptic World"
Personal Traits
AKA Oreri (web handle)
Age 31 y/o
Birthday May 12
Identity Bi Trans Woman
Pronouns she/her
Nationality Japanese-American
Fun Facts
Likes Weird folklore, casual video games, listening to infodumps, photography
Dislikes Accusatory people, competition in areas she's doomed to lose in
Fav. Food Curry
Fav. Color Red
Fav. Animal Dogs
"...I don’t think there’s a dead end with nowhere to go. If I'm going to be alive, I might as well chase that path, I guess."

Generally pleasant and friendly to anyone she meets, Georgia is notable for being a very normal person in the face of her rather unusual set of circumstances. She is a very casual person, easy to get along with and proactive in getting things done. She seems to deal with others well, even if they try not to make it easy, brushing off unpleasantries as personal quirks and moving on.

She's good at talking in more public situations, talking about her interests at length and trying to make herself easy to understand. She becomes a bit more awkward in smaller personal situations, though she's improved on that front -- she spent a rather large amount of her life more secluded from others, and she's still getting the hang of situations where she's letting people actually get to know her rather than a more theoretical version of herself. She's working to ease herself into engaging with that level of trust in other people.

She has a lot of energy, and frequently feels the need to use it, tending to accidentally burn out every once in a while from not giving herself enough time to just sit around doing nothing. On the plus side, she's good at keeping things moving. It's good to get things done, you know?


Growing up in a nowhere town with her rather unpleasant parents, the bulk of her schooling was done online, as was the bulk of her social life. Lacking much of a relationship with her parents or much of an in-person social life, she spent the majority of her time either alone in her room or out of the house by herself, exploring various abandoned locations or unusual places.

As a teen, she began a cryptozoology blog, 'Mysterious Orrery', originally starting as a simple interest-hobbyist blog. Over time, with her skill at maintaining and relaying info and her large amount of free time making it extremely up-to-date, it grew in popularity, to the point of being well-known on the internet as one of the best places for info and news on the subject, an online staple of cryptozoological information.

She gives very little info about her life as a younger adult. She was very unconfident, much more pessimistic and with a wavery view of the future, always trying to put on a brave face to cover up her clawing internal insecurities. Some kind of event seemed to have happened to her around this time as well, though she's extremely tight-lipped about any detail whatsoever on the subject. She seems uninterested in unpacking those kinds of memories.

The important thing is that she is doing well for herself now; several years strong on HRT, she now lives in an apartment in the city, with a healthy level of confidence and a bit more zest for life. Still keeping her blog up to date, she's occasionally flagged to do talks on things in the cryptozoology world, or give interviews on relevant topics. She's happy with her life.

Physical Details

Georgia stands at 5'4", with a slightly thin build and around C-cup breasts. She has pale skin and bright green eyes. Her hair has a wavy texture, naturally a dark brown but typically bleach-dyed to a warm strawberry blonde. Her bangs are long, encroaching on her face; she used to wear decorative barettes to keep them at bay, but these days she tends to just push them aside.

Georgia tends to enjoy dressing in warm or neutral colors, espousing a casual, lightly-femmy clothing style. She doesn't like to dress in ways that draw much attention to herself; she mostly just wants to look like your average normal girl. She tends to keep her hair pinned up in some way, usually sporting a ponytail or two.

She has a lot of stamina and is decently strong physically. She can probably pick you up, if you asked. Power of women