Hi there, welcome to my page! :)
I'm Glisple. So nice to meet you!
I'm a friendly aisha who loves to learn.
But today, you'll learn about me :)
NAME: Miss Glisple
BIRTHDAY: December 20, 2021
MY PETPET: Clip the Selket
BOOKS READ: 200 and counting!

FAVORITE THINGS: Toys, reading and learning, my owner softiecat and my friends too
FAVORITE PLACE: The plushie shop in Neopia Central :) They have so many!!!

As you can see I am someone who likes a lot of books. Everyone asks me my favorite book when I say I like to read. But I don't have a favorite! I think picking a favorite is silly. There are all kinds of different books and all of them are different so why do I have to choose only one? I think all kinds of books are good. That's just my opinion.

Now you might be wondering, "Glisple, how did you become so cute?". Now, that was with the help of my owner softiecat!

When I was a little aisha all the way back in 2003 on a whole different website, I always dreamed about being a cute plushie aisha. Sadly my dream wasn't able to come true, because things were a lot harder over there. I got to be speckled, but it wasn't the same...

When I came here instead, it was my second chance. First I actually turned electric for a little bit-- can you believe it? But then isle told softiecat about a potion I might like in Miss Kauvara's Magic Shop, and he ran out to buy it as fast as she could. And the rest is history :)

Well if you're going to learn about me, you might as well learn about my petpet too, right?

My petpet is named Clip. He is a Selket! Selket is a cute and charming little scarab that lives in the Lost Desert. They are skittish and quick to hide if they are scared, but they are really nice pets to have! Clip is sweet and likes to climb across my paws and up my arms. Some people think bugs like Selket are dirty or bite, but Selket are completely harmless. They are very cute and like to bury themselves in the sand. If you're trying to think of a petpet to get, consider a Selket!

Lastly, here are some facts about Plushie Aishas...
  • We can eat! Even though we are cute and plush we can still eat all kinds of foods. I like soup :)
  • Because we have lots of fabric and soft stuffing padding we are much more resilient to getting knocked around and squished than other pets. I like to think it makes us very good for snuggling.
  • Different plushies can be made with different material! My fur is made of a nice soft and squishy fleece. We come in all different shapes and sizes too so no two Plushie Aishas are the same, even if we look pretty similar!
  • Since every Plushie Aisha is different some can even come with special features, like having a squeaker. I don't have any of that but it is pretty nifty.
  • The 'A' on our collar stands for Aisha so that everyone knows that even if we are a cute toy, we're just as Aisha as the other Aishas :)

    Thanks for visiting my page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you want to know more, send my owner a neomail :)
    It was nice meeting you and I hope you learned a lot!!!

    Love, Glisple ♥