maisie in your house and home.

> HI!!!! i'm maisie!!!! you might already know me. i'm "Here"

> I am a 26 year old funny girl and boy. i like to draw images and i have a lot of OCs. i enjoy medias such as Touhou and Revue Starlight, among others, that i talk about too much sometimes. I talk a lot! There is something wrong with me

> i am a little cat and have always been a little cat my entire life. i love petsites and being gay online. i'm your funny dpd friend with a pet cat who will never give up

thank you for having tea with me. i'm having 1 cup of lavender rose. it's warm. it's nice.

♥ now you can learn fun facts. ♥

  • i am 5'3". im a funny little guy. i used to be 5'2" but randomy grew an inch!?!

  • my favorite color is pastel pink but i also like pastel purple and blue! (evident)

  • my favorite flavors are butterscotch, pear, rose and lavender!

  • my ID is ! my heart ID is !

  • i am not very good at cooking. but i can make lots of rice and pasta.

  • i've never cleared a touhou game off easy :(

  • i used to be able to beat yume nikki in under 1hour. is that impressive?!?! IDK!!!

  • my favorite rock is rose quartz! i have multiple pieces and a couple jewelries and i like to get more. it's a love stone <3

  • as of right now i have 67 ocs logged on toyhouse and 1438 images. that's too many...

  • when i was a kid i drank antifreeze out of a puddle because i thought it was koolaid

  • i still have my first neopets account made in 2003. those guys are legal adults now