nice to meet you! i'm holly rose.

the first to show and the longest to last, i tend to disappear for extended periods of time, always returning someday-or-another, whether i vocalize it or not. i'm not always the most social of creatures - but if you leave a message to me, i'll reply in kind, someday.

i like to collect interesting items and dress up in soft and flowing fabrics. i have a penchant for insects, wildlife in general, and get enjoyment from learning and sharing various facts here and there. i don't tend to eat much, but i do love warm drinks. i used to play lots of obscure video games, but have fallen out of practice - perhaps one of these days i'll get back to it.

i once had an altar, but it was dispersed over time -- if it makes a return, i will show you. in the meantime, i'll search for new candles to light, lanterns to bear, incense to burn.

i tend to id using , and use for my heart; unconventionally, perhaps, as a tossup between green and yellow, but i prefer this one; the color of honey and sunlight.

i like lots of teas, but with you i will have a hot spiced chai. i'm fond of warm flavors.

thank you for visiting! may you be well always. i'll be waiting.

holly rose
sunlit ephemeral insect
born 12.01.2014

For the shade of the tree,
for the hum of the breeze,
for the beetles overwintering
in the brush of the leaves.

"This is for you."