Fake Gensokyo is a big place, with plenty of people.
In this story, we draw our attention to one specific corner of the world.

Just past the river lies a cozy abode that some creatures call home.
Neighbors are spaced out, allowing for a quiet, peaceful life, while still remaining in-the-loop.
Close enough to important places to be convenient, yet far enough that the hustle and bustle won't get to you.
Here, various fun and fantastical creatures can find places to fulfill their idyllic lives.

And fresh out of bed, our protagonist exits her home to find that this morning is a bit bizarre.


An average human, she's quite soft, but tries to take things seriously. If there's an incident, she's probably the one solving it. She's a very reliable type of person!

She tries to remain a "neutral party", trying to solve things as harmlessly as possible, with reason and compromise. Still, no one listens to her a lot of the time, and she ends up having to take matters into her own hands.

Despite her pacifistic intentions, she has a bad habit of accidentally coming across ruder than she means to, and finds herself easily misunderstood. This also gets her into trouble.

She wields the power of dreams, turning the battlefield into a haze between reality and imagination. She has the ability to blur your perception, like when you can't remember if something really happened or not. (Also, if you sleep near her, you'll have good dreams!)

From Blood Moon's house, half of the sky is dyed a bright red. Loud, strange noises continually burst distantly through the air, rumbling, groaning, thundering indeterminate sounds. And every few moments, a tremor passes, as though threatening an earthquake. Something... is not right, though she doesn't know what. And, well, it's usually her job, so...


???: E-Eeeeeek!

BLOOD MOON: Hey, wait...!

Blood Moon soon finds herself going in the same direction as the Stage 1 boss, who is immediately convinced she is being chased, and starts desperately trying to escape her, to no avail. Blood Moon, completely oblivious, notices her after some time, wonders if she might know anything about what's happening, and begins to intentionally follow.


A water sprite, she was borne of the nearby river, where she makes her home. Not being very strong, she's an extremely nervous person, and very easy to frighten.

She's often paranoid that people around her are out to get her, and avoids most other people. She distrusts others by default, though some people bear her suspicion more than others.

There are a few people she trusts, but due to her current company, she's particularly distrustful of Blood Moon, right now.

She wields the power of water, same as any water sprite. Specifically, she can manipulate the 'flow' of water in any way she wants, including in the air. Not a bad power, but she's not that strong, so...

After a brief chase, Blood Moon finally starts to catch up.

BLOOD MOON: Why are you running from me?

HAWW: P-Please just leave me alone!

BLOOD MOON: I just want to ask a question...

HAWW: I don't know anything!

BLOOD MOON: Ah, wait, but I didn't ask it yet?

HAWW: Uuuuuuu...

BLOOD MOON: Listen, I won't do anything bad, so, would you mind hearing me out for a second?

HAWW: A-Aaaahhh!

BLOOD MOON: Wait-- ahh...!

In proper Touhou fashion, Have a Watery Wednesday freaks out, and starts to shoot bullets everywhere. Luckily for Blood Moon (and you, the player,) she's not very strong, so she throws out a few weak danmaku and then bolts before anything else can happen.

BLOOD MOON: She ran away...

BLOOD MOON: I guess I can just keep going the way I was going to go anyways. She seemed so scared... I wonder if someone's talking about me?

One completely useless battle out of the way, Blood Moon continues on her journey.


Unluckily for Have a Watery Wednesday, Blood Moon and her are still going to the same place, so she isn't actually out of self-perceived danger yet. She does turn around to shoot a few more attacks off at her in a panic as she's going, but it's not long before they both reach their shared destination: the home of Blood Moon's neighbor and self-proclaimed rival, who Have a Watery Wednesday adeptly hides behind.


As a Jersey Devil, you might expect her to have some sort of nefarious intentions, but she doesn't seem to... or if she does, she's at least too lazy to act on them.

She does her best to try and sell herself with the image of being a very cool, helpful, hardworking person who does her best for her community every day. This is the reputation she wants, but without any of the work: in reality, she's a lazy person who spends all her time goofing off.

Most people with any sense are aware that she's fake, and view her with poor regard, but she doesn't care that much. Can't win 'em all, right? The important part is the people she CAN convince... for example, Have a Watery Wednesday.

She wields the power of bad luck. By augmenting your bad luck, she can make it more likely for you to slip up in battle, possibly granting her her unlikely upper hand. Life's just not fair, is it?

COLINT: Well well well, look who it is.

BLOOD MOON: Hi, Colint.

COLINT: Terrorizing the locals, are you?

BLOOD MOON: Not on purpose... I'm just trying to find out about the tremors. Do you know anything?


BLOOD MOON: ...Do you?

COLINT: It's possible I could know something. I might be able to help me out... if you can defeat me in battle, of course.


COLINT: I won't lose this time. Here it comes!

This, of course, isn't Blood Moon's first time having this particular interaction with Colint, and she's well prepared for the devil's funny tricks. After a few good spellcards, Colint finds herself defeated, though she takes her defeat in stride.

COLINT: Aah~ You're still strong, huh.

BLOOD MOON: Can we play another time? I'm trying to solve the incident...

COLINT: Well, I was bluffing about knowing anything.

BLOOD MOON: Go figure...

COLINT: You should try the human city, though. The people there usually know what's up. It's where I go to get my info, anyways.


Heeding her kind-of-but-not rival's advice, she heads out for the human city, in the hopes of finding someone who actually does know what they're talking about. There's got to be someone out there, right...?!?!


The Human City is a massive capital, huge and imposing, bordered by tall walls yet not closed to the public. Humans, as a rule, tend to stick together in groups of their own, and sometimes a bit afraid of other creatures who can be much more dangerous to their delicate sensibilities. Over thousands of years this culminated in a city with a massive human population, not hostile to outsiders, but definitely a little nervous around them.

At the massive gate that makes the entrance to the city, many people tend to gather, and merchants sell their wares. Looking for some kind of help, Blood Moon draws near, trying to single out someone who looks like they might know anything. One specific person seems to catch her eye...


A beast who pretends to be human, so that she can sell her wares more easily to the human city. She can't hide her tail, though, so when asked she says it's a fashion statement. It surprisingly works better than you'd think!

A merchant of magical objects, Sninzel typically comes across as delightful and talkative. Her stall has a welcoming feeling, making you want to buy something. She takes criticism poorly, but tries to hide it under a veneer of friendliness.

Privately, though, she is tired, impatient and easy to irritate. She's not an unpleasant person, though, she's just... overworked. She just needs to sit in a dark quiet room alone for a while. Don't we all?

She wields the power of enchantment. She can imbue items with a purpose, and they'll do their best to serve the purpose. Be careful in battle, though, or she might just try to enchant you!

SNINZEL: Do you need something?

BLOOD MOON: I like your tail.

SNINZEL: Thank you!

BLOOD MOON: Would you be able to help me?

SNINZEL: I can certainly try! What are you looking to buy?

BLOOD MOON: Ah, no, it's nothing like that. Maybe you aren't the person I should talk to...

SNINZEL: You won't even give me a chance?

BLOOD MOON: Sorry, not like that, but I mean, you're just a vendor, right?

SNINZEL: Don't you think that's a little rude?

BLOOD MOON: I think there's a misunderstanding...

SNINZEL: You know, I get a bad vibe from you. If you aren't going to leave my stall alone, I'll have to take matters into my own hands...!

Accidentally having offended the very first person she spoke to, Blood Moon finds herself having to dodge some more spellcards. Of course, it's not entirely her fault... perhaps Sninzel was really just looking for a way to let off some steam. Retail isn't easy, you know! Once she's calmed down a bit, they're able to talk a little more reasonably.

SNINZEL: Jeez, I went in over my head...

BLOOD MOON: Sorry...

SNINZEL: That was a little unprofessional of me... I guess I'm stressed with everything going on, since business is bad today, and I'm pretty overworked, too. My bad~

BLOOD MOON: About that. Can I ask you a few questions, now?

SNINZEL: I guess I owe you one. What do you need?

BLOOD MOON: The sky, and the tremors. Do you know anything about it?

SNINZEL: Can't say I know anything. But I can do you one better! Follow me.

BLOOD MOON: Thank you, I think.

Sninzel puts her stall on stand-by, and beckons Blood Moon forward, leading her deeper into the city. She might not have any info for you, but she is acquainted with someone who almost certainly does!


The city palace is a walk away from the city's entrance, following the long multicolored tile-patterned pathway straight forward until it gives way to the wide white steps leading up to it. It's hard for Blood Moon not to feel slightly hampered by the sights, the blocky and geometric colorful architecture of the city building up on all sides, thwarting her extremely rural sensibilities as someone who lives primarily in the middle of a big field.

The palace is awe-inspiring, as well-- a big, beautiful white building wreathed in gold accents. They enter the arched entrance to the first floor, massive panelled windows letting in sunlight as the sole light source (How do they see at night...?). Blood Moon keeps her eyes to the floor, nervously tracing the decorative shapes and patterns adorning the floor. It's a lot...

This palace is where the monarch of the city "resides", the first floor being the only one really open for others, composed mainly of the large and decorated throne room. She's not necessarily in there that often-- there's much to do that can't be done by sitting in a fancy chair-- but she's often in the vicinity, and indeed she is here, eyes fixating to Blood Moon with a piercing gaze.


Her demeanour can be horrifyingly intimidating and cold, but only when she deems it necessary. If she feels there is a threat to safety, she is merciless. Any other time, she's really not so bad.

She doesn't tend to give herself a break, always working hard on some important thing. She cares deeply for her people, and is a compassionate ruler, known to personally step in to help people when she can.

She seems... serious? Actually, it's hard to tell what her personality is like, as she holds others at a distance, and her focus is mainly on service... she seems to like being around others. You have to wonder if she's lonely?

She wields the power of focus. She has the ability to force your focus to a specific point, zeroing in your attention to whatever she wants it to be. You can see how this could be a useful power for someone in her position, but it's also a pretty handy trick when you're in a fight. (She's also really strong.)

A royal aside...

Though she pretends to be, and basically everybody outside of the select community she came from thinks she is, Boof is not a human. She is a beast, much the same as Sninzel-- and is a changeling child, replacing the previous lineage's daughter when they were both young.

To put it simply, the previous royal family fucking sucked, and was quite hostile to nonhumans. A scheme was hatched to break the vicious cycle of horrible people raising horrible children and being horrible, and Boof took the place of their daughter, their actual daughter in turn being adopted by Boof's previous parents. That will probably never come up again, I'm sure.

It's been over 100 years since then, and the situation has gotten much less miserable. Various theories float around the human city about Boof's unusual lifespan, but most attribute it to a dabbling in magic, which is really not very uncommon. No one knows the truth about her. But now you do! Congrats!

BOOF: Who are you?

SNINZEL: She's looking to ask some questions about the tremors.

BOOF: You're looking a bit disheveled, Sninzel.

SNINZEL: I was defeated~

BOOF: You're attacking my people?

BLOOD MOON: Aah, no, not like that... I'm trying to solve the incident.

BOOF: Your name?

BLOOD MOON: I'm Blood Moon.

BOOF: Blood Moon. I do have some info on what's going on. But, why should I trust you?


BOOF: Someone showing up in the kingdom, attacking my citizens, then demanding info isn't very convincing.

BLOOD MOON: Sorry, I'm not demanding, um... I can leave if you want...

BOOF: No, you shouldn't. I won't let you. I don't trust you.

With that, Boof begins her attack. Blood Moon is caught off guard, and doesn't exactly understand what's going on-- is she being tested? How does this keep happening??? What an unlucky day for her... after a showdown the length of a stage 4 boss fight, Sninzel interjects in a way that calls it off.

SNINZEL: Well, it was my fault we fought.


BLOOD MOON: *pant*

BOOF: Blood Moon, right? I'm not that familiar, but I have... a vague recollection. You've solved incidents before, right?


BOOF: Hmm. Alright. I suppose I can trust you. I apologize for being rash.

BLOOD MOON: *relieved*

BOOF: I'll tell you what I know. A few days ago, an artifact belonging to the palace vanished. I don't know how they got it, but, well, the sky, and the tremors, it all matches up with what I know about the artifact. I don't doubt that the two are connected.

BLOOD MOON: I see... I guess that helps. I have to find an artifact.

BOOF: Judging by what I know, I'd suggest looking in the far fields past the river.

BLOOD MOON: I've gone in a circle...

BOOF: Sorry. However, if you can recover the artifact to me, I'd be happy to compensate you for your troubles.

BLOOD MOON: That might be nice.

BOOF: It'd be no trouble.

BLOOD MOON: Well, thanks for your help. Um... sorry for seeming so rude.


BOOF: Sorry.

SNINZEL: Good luck~

With well wishes from the royal palace received, Blood Moon takes off for what she hopes is the final time, to try and get the situation under control and get things back to normal again.


Back up the tiled path, out the gates, wrap back up again to her house, to Colint's house, over the river and into the unknown. Just kidding, she's probably been here before. It's not very far away, after all. The closer she seems to get, the redder the sky gets, the louder the noises, the heavier the tremors.

And yet, as though entering the eye of the storm, when she gets to the center, everything seems relatively normal. The sky immediately around is a pale pink, the noise not so loud. The ground is not so shaky, and it's blanketed in an array of red flowers. It's the kind of thing that invokes the feeling of a video game save point right before a boss fight... or at least it would, if there were video games. At the center of this eye, though, she finds someone interesting.

Someone interesting, someone unexpected, and someone who she already knows quite well.


She's a chimera who's not very strong. She's also Blood Moon's girlfriend.

She is energetic and loves to have fun. She seems to have an endless well of energy to draw from, always wanting to do something-or-other and rarely getting tired. She is silly, goofy, incredibly friendly, and very sincere. She's an honest girl with a good heart.

She's capable of getting serious if the need arises, but it does bum her out. She gets along with basically anyone who isn't malicious. She doesn't have any sort of evil intentions. And again, she's not very strong. How exactly did she get here...?!

She wields the power of plants. She's can summon them from herself, and can manipulate them to do what she needs. She likes to do things by hand, though, so she doesn't use it as often as she could. It's not a bad one for fights, however.

BLOOD MOON: Flora...?

FLORA: Blood Moon! Blood Moon! Come check this out!!

BLOOD MOON: Flora, what are you doing...?

FLORA: Check out this awesome relic I found! It's so cool! I'm having so much fuuun~

BLOOD MOON: You stole from a palace?!

FLORA: Wait, hold on, what are we talking about? That's a weird question. What palace?

BLOOD MOON: I can't tell if you're playing dumb... where did you get that?

FLORA: I just found it out here. It's awesome, right? No clue how it got here, but it's mine now!

BLOOD MOON: Isn't that still kind of stealing??!

FLORA: You're thinking too hard about it. What even is stealing? I simply, found an object. Morally I have done no wrong.

BLOOD MOON: I don't think you can say that...

FLORA: Name one thing I have ever done wrong.

BLOOD MOON: Do you even know what you're doing? The sky is red, there's horrible noises and everything's all shaky, it's terrible...

FLORA: Oh, come on now, that's such an exaggeration! The sky isn't even red! You're being so weird right now. Is it really that bad that I'm playing? I play all the time, you know!

BLOOD MOON: It's a lot worse further out! You're causing a lot of trouble.

FLORA: I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I'm having the time of my life! I feel so powerful with this thing. It augments my powers! Super flowers! Aren't you happy for me?

BLOOD MOON: Flora... I love you, but I need to take that.

FLORA: I love you too! But I won't let you.

BLOOD MOON: Well, then I have no choice.

FLORA: This is going to be fun. Don't hold back!!

With that a massive fight emerges, an elaborate, danmaku-laden game of keep-away. Flora, despite her weakness, has a relic of great power, and it augments her power beyond belief-- she's really hard to fight!! It's terrifying, amazing, and really quite a pain.

Through dutiful dodging and careful knowledge of all of Flora's weaknesses, though, Blood Moon is finally able to wrestle the relic out of Flora's hands. The flowers on the ground explode into a cloud of red petals, and Flora, now demoted to her regular old power level, flops backwards into the grass, laughing. It's over.

Blood Moon bops her lightly on the head. She should know better! She was being really bad. Flora keeps laughing, though, saying that she really didn't know how bad it was. Which does track with how much calmer it was at the center. And she didn't know it was stolen either, which... er, well, she didn't seem to care after she learned, but the palace doesn't have to know that. Blood Moon can return it safely, and then everyone can forget this ever happened, like a weird dream. All's well that ends well, and all that!

Blood Moon carts Flora with her back up to the human palace, where she is dutifully scolded by a high-ranking authority figure after Blood Moon calls her out. She absolutely hates this, but it is inevitable. Sorry, Flora. This had to happen.

Boof pays Blood Moon for her troubles in gold, which she accepts gracefully. What's she gonna buy? She'll figure that out some other time. She's had a long day of flying around trying to figure things out, and is ready to go home and rest. That seems to sound good to Flora, too.



That's right. That should be everything, shouldn't it?



There's nothing to worry about.



You two can go home and get a good night's rest. You deserve it.



With all luck provided, starting tomorrow...



everything will be normal again.










One morning, some time after the incident, Blood Moon notices that an unusual person has been lurking around outside their house. She decides to investigate.

It's strange, though. They're definitely there, but she only sees them from a distance... when she walks closer, they seem to walk further. Are they trying to lead her somewhere? She probably shouldn't go too far...

Just as she considers turning back, she notices that she's starting to actually make headway in getting closer to them. Closer and closer, until she can actually make them out properly. The stranger turns around to face her. Her eyes are narrow. She looks angry.

The encounter feels so unusual. This person has a strange aura. Something feels wrong... the stranger looks older, and somewhat haggard, and Blood Moon gets the feeling she isn't human, and despite her apparent anger she is definitely 100% someone who Blood Moon has never seen before in her life. She looks directly in Blood Moon's eye, and then, in a metered voice, begins to speak.

???: Give me the artifact.


???: The artifact. Give it to me.

BLOOD MOON: What are you talking about?

???: I know you do. I saw you with it. You and that other girl. But no, you were the one who was carrying it. I know you have it. Give it to me.

BLOOD MOON: *nervous*

???: ...I know you know, but I'll tell you anyways. An object of mine was stolen. It is... very important to me. It belongs to me, it's mine. I need it back.

BLOOD MOON: Stolen...

???: Yes. And you have it.

BLOOD MOON: I have it...

???: Are you going to give it to me?


???: ...

BLOOD MOON: *shakes head*

???: Are you sure?


???: ...Fine then.

And the stranger lunges forward, and the surrounding area explodes into an array of color.


Appearing at this point here, she is commanding and scary, seeming unhinged, ready to do anything to get what she desires. But really, she doesn't want to hurt anyone unless absolutely necessary. She's just really, really desperate.

In her regular life, she is not unfriendly, but somewhat terse and standoffish. In reality, she is simply thousands of years out of touch, unsure how to interact with people in the current day and age.

She's awkward in conversation, and though she's a good listener, she doesn't always understand what she's listening to. There's thousands of years of difference between her and most people that she could talk to nowadays, so you can understand where the disconnect comes in.

She's somewhat self conscious at the idea of coming off poorly to others, fearing people may think she's talking down to them. She may be ancient and powerful, but she still thinks you're on even ground, if only just by being another living being.

She wields the power of... well, keep reading?

The powers she's using seem familiar to Blood Moon, as though she's seen something like this before. When it strikes her, she realizes that she could actually just fix this whole situation, and convinces Seo to cease her attack, by the very convincing method of screaming WAIT!. She tells her she knows where her artifact is.

Blood Moon is tired. She just woke up, hadn't even really had breakfast, and immediately was attacked by an Extra Stage Boss. She's already not having a very good day. But, feeling very out of it, she leads Seo to to the human city and into the palace, flagging down Boof to talk to her about the situation.

Seo, too, isn't having a very good day, and really hasn't been having a very good day for quite a long time now, and is now EXTREMELY out of her element now that she's in an extravagant palace in a strange colorful city that didn't exist thousands of years ago. But with some strained but patient discussion on all parts, she is allowed to explain herself, and lays her story straight.

Seo Delilah carries with her three artifacts (normally four), powerful items that can be used to enable power and siphon it through. When she was younger, she used these to fight at a time when world was wracked with war. When she became a traveler, one of her artifacts was stolen, and she's spent the years since then desperately trying to find it again.

Each artifact has a color, and is aligned with a unique area of power. She imbued a piece of herself into each, so she is understandably distraught to lose one.

As long as these objects are on her person, she will feel no effect. It is as though all parts of her are still whole. Separated from them, though, depending on the artifact, various effects will happen. She will become lethargic, her senses dulling, her emotions numbing, she will weaken physically, consciously, she will live life in a dreamlike haze.

It's unclear who it was stolen by, but some hundred years ago, it fell into the Palace's hands unbeknownst to her, and was kept safe within its walls until, you know, a little bit ago.

Boof listens patiently to her explanation, while Blood Moon tries to listen patiently but is really tired and does zone out a little bit. Understanding the weight of the situation, as well as the concept of not keeping things when they don't belong to you (unlike some people), Boof is accommodating to Seo's request and quick to recover the artifact from its place in the palace, giving it back to its rightful owner.

Seo is extremely, immensely relieved, and extremely grateful. She thanks Boof gratuitously, thanks Blood Moon gratuitously, apologizes to Blood Moon gratuitously, and, now rather humbled and quiet, takes her leave.

But that will not be the end we see of her, here; lonesome traveler though she is, there's something that draws her towards this comfortable corner of the world.

Blood Moon gives her regards to Boof, and heads on her way back, contented that the overarching situation is finally settled. There's no way there could be even more to this, could there?! (Don't worry-- there isn't.) It's important for her to get home, now, to her girlfriend who is probably VERY confused and probably concerned about how she left the house so long ago to check something and just never came back?!?!

But it's okay. She'll be right there.