Results of Jellybean Personality Analysis

Pictured: Jellybean Tier List of user @dyreode

The first observation is that all of the flavors placed into the 'S' section are fruit, and this extends equally into 'A' and 'B'. This suggests that Eve could perhaps have been born in the wilderness, feeding off of fruits and berries, as opposed to being born into our modern society. It could also hint that she may be gay. All of the fruits in 'S' tier are also red*, with the exception of Green Apple, however apples are usually red. The color red can symbolize danger and anger, however, it can also represent love and warmth. This suggests a kind of multifaceted personality type from Eve. We recommend approaching her with polite caution, but also falling immediately in love with her.

Moving on, 'A' tier provides a light rainbow of colors and fruit flavors. Mirroring the Green Apple in 'S' tier, another sour flavor is represented in Lemon. She has also made the unpopular opinion of placing Grape Crush in this tier. This suggests a feeling of 'going against the tide', marking Eve as a unique individual.

'B' tier consists of only two flavors. These higher tiers consist of exactly 1 flavor less than the lower tiers, hinting that Eve has refined taste, but only a little tiny bit. Both of the beans in 'C' tier also have speckles, much like a bird's egg. As such, we can conclude that Eve thinks birds are just OK.

In 'C' tier, the first non-fruit flavor appears in Bubble Gum. This suggests that Eve favors logic, as she sorted the Candy flavor into the 'C' tier. Interestingly, this tier holds Crushed Pineapple, however previous intel confirms that Eve is a fan of Pineapple the fruit. We can conclude from this information that while Eve likes Pineapple, she is afraid of being crushed, forcing her to rate this flavor lower than would otherwise be.

'D' tier has a variety of very different flavors. The poor placement of Capuccino suggests that Eve does not get enough sleep, and resents coffee for the suggestion of staying awake. Peach and Coconut are the lowest placing fruit flavors. This suggests that Eve has multiple different opinions about different kinds of fruits, instead of just one opinion about all fruits.

The lowest tier consists of zero fruit flavors, and two chocolate, hinting at Eve's implicit distaste for processed foods, as opposed to things she can pick physically off of a bush. The placement of Root Beer and Buttered Popcorn confirms a distaste for movie theaters, as she dislikes both popcorn and sodas.

From all of this information together, one fact is clear: Eve has eaten jellybeans recently.

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