Monique Sparks

Otherwise known as Moni

Age: Uhh... College

Birthday: April 22

Species: Human

Identity: Girl...

Voice: Medium-high in pitch, always sounds at rehearsed on some level, even when she's talking to you casually... that just seems to be her cadence. She sounds very friendly. Mild jersey accent.

Physical details

Monique is on the taller end of average height, and is generally sturdy and strong, with lots of stamina; you have to be, really, if you're going to be bouncing and dancing and moving around all day long. She has pale skin and soft brown eyes, sporting shortish, slightly faded pink hair that she keeps tyed into a bun virtually always. She mostly just wears variations on the same outfit: some kind of sweater worn over a button up, and leggings.

As Unique Monique, she wears heterochromatic contacts, blue and pink, and a fluffy purple-and-pink split wig. She wears brightly colored golden yellow glitter eyeshadow and two pink hearts on each cheek. She wears a yellow dress decorated with white geometric shapes, with a pink trim and gradient pink petticoat underneath. She wears a different color of scrunchie (green and blue) on each wrist, and pink-and-white striped stockings tucked into light blue shoes.


Growing up in New Jersey with her family, she did a little bit of school theatre, but found more of her joy in entertaining her kid brothers and their friends. Not only that, but her mother taught kindergarten, so she could hone her entertainment skills keeping stragglers who were waiting for their parents entertained after-hours while her mother tried to get anything done in the meantime. Really, it only felt natural that she went into clowning, a logical next-step for the girl grown up with a habit of keeping children entertained.

A year or so into her work, she caught tickets to LA to enter herself into a clowning contest being aired on national television; a gathering of clowns across the country for a fun, gameshow-esque challenge of showing off their skills and being tested in fun and unique ways. They accepted her in, which surprised her, and on she went. She performed amazingly; really, the whole thing went completely smooth (other than the occasional 1-minute-long allowed meltdown hiding in the bathroom.) (But hey, national television is a lot different from entertaining a bunch of kids!), and she ended up winning, and on top of that, she garnered a lot of unexpected attention. The crowds fell in love with the idea of this cute pop fun friendly small-town Jersey clown. Who wouldn't!

Since then, people have reached out to her from all over the States, and she's become much more of a travelling act, going all over the place to hit up anywhere from bigger venues to backyard parties. You could say it's been a little overwhelming, the attention, especially as someone who is entirely her own manager. But she's been hanging in there, at least, dealing with it like a champ. An invitation from a certain college ensued.


Monique spends day after day immersed in her work, dedicated to her act of being a sweet, fun, silly and family-friendly clown. She's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades of jokes, acting, dancing, various types of performance all mixed into one bag, which she pulls off without a problem. Fun-loving, and silly, she is perfect at her job. It's a perfect act.

In her personal life though, well... she honestly doesn't act that much different? She's patient and friendly, very nice, very helpful. She'll help you with your classwork if you ask. She'll riff off your jokes. She'll play with you in this space. She doesn't really do anything that you could class as bad, or... even rebellious. She's just a normal, good person.

It's not that she doesn't have any weakness, but she doesn't show signs of it publically. When she doesn't have to be in a place, she seems to relish her downtime; she likes to relax, sit down with a cup of something warm, and take a breather. Now that she's in school, it's actually starting to show more blatantly... when she hasn't been asked somewhere, or doesn't have anything to do, she does tend to beeline right for her room...

Overall, she's normal, but somehow, almost too normal. If you think about it too hard, you might start to wonder if you even know where her act ends and her personality begins... but it's probably just your imagination. After all, she seems perfectly normal when you talk to her. It's probably just fine.

Ongoing Story

Well, we'll see, won't we?


  • It's rare to see her without makeup; she's a daily makeup wearer, and has adopted it as a common habit.

  • Her favorite flowers are hydrangeas.

  • Her colored hair is a home dye job, at which she's gotten better over time.

  • She gained a slight slew of various practical skills over the course of going into clowning, crafting her Unique Monique design, designing and sewing her outfit, and styling her wig.

  • Technically, she needs glasses, but she usually prefers to wear contacts.

  • In her spare time, she tends to binge media. She doesn't play tons of video games, but she plays some more laid back, less action-packed ones. She wants to someday be able to play friends in Mario Party.

  • Here are one and two posts that make me think of Moni.

  • She is HTR (Hard to Romance).

  • She hates being asked about evil clowns please stop talking to her about this.
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