I've never drawn her digitally! Oh no!
Age: Irrelevant!

Birthday: Impossible!

Species: Cupid

Identity: Cupid loves all

Voice: Noticeably high pitch and bouncy. She squeaks when she's worried, and has a tendency to talk very fast. She sounds generally "cute".

Physical details

Cupid is generally tiny, with soft, pale pink skin and striking pink hair that curls outwards, reaching about an inch above her shoulders. Her eyes are pink as well. She has a faint glow about her.

She likes feminine fashion, prone to wearing fluffy skirts in spite of her work (which really, the farming is secondary to her). She loves hearts and the colors pink, red, white and gold, and usually cycles through clothings encompassing these few traits.


Being a Cupid, she moved to the valley in the interest of matchmaking; it's her job! She thought the Valley would be a good place for it; a fairly fun mix of various people with various relationships, it's sure to be a fun one to work with. Shoot a few heart arrows, you know, the works! The farming was a secondary thing that she took up the mantle for; she had to be in the valley for SOME reason, and, well, no other opportunity arose.


Cupid is excessively sensitive and very easily hurt. She wants everyone to love her, but not in a malicious way; she just genuinely loves everybody, and doesn't want them to have the need to feel any sort of ill will towards her. However, she's a bit overreactionary; she'll take little minute, offhand grievances as Signs That Someone Dislikes Her, and go into grieving mode, and try to overcompensate so that they change their mind.

She's hardworking and dedicated, but it comes out in unexpected ways; she came here to matchmake, but she's getting all wrapped up in the things surrounding it instead, and doing a good job at those... but that's not why she came here... dedication, but in the wrong place? She's bad at her job, but good at her other, fake jobs.

She's extremely loving and loves to give gifts, talk to everybody, be nice to everyone, even if she already knows they're her friends. She's extremely devoted and will bend over backwards to do anything you ask of her. As a result, though, she becomes completely useless in conflict situations, clamming up entirely or giving meek, passive responses. She's not very good at standing up to anyone.

Despite being lovecore, love-themed and love-oriented, she doesn't see herself as someone in the market for love. She's a cupid, so she feels like she's above that, not in the way of looking down upon anyone, but just... it doesn't apply to her. She's the matchmaker, not the match. In some ways, she doesn't allow herself that kind of freedom. Maybe that could change?

Ongoing Story

Cupid is happy and thriving in her life, though she's gone completely off the rails and most likely 100% forgotten about her matchmaking goal by now. It kind of all went downhill once she got live animals, which completely distracted her and she treats them like they are her alive human children. She's very close-knit with everyone in town, and hopes to only continue becoming close with them; it's not much of an exaggeration to say that "public universal friend" is a goal for her.

She gets along with everyone! In Abigail's 8 heart event she implies that she has a crush on you, and Cupid has no idea how to even process that concept, so her brain has been avoiding it.
  • She hates fighting in the caves or anywhere else, and hasn't really properly learned how to do it; she just kind of closes her eyes and swings her sword from side to side until the danger is gone.

  • The above is bad because she lives on a farm that spawns enemies at night and is prone to suddenly being attacked.

  • She apologizes to every fish she fishes up.

  • Her favorite fruit is strawberries!

  • She has a goal to someday cook every food. This is less silly of a goal in the game Stardew Valley where there is a limited number of foods
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