Briar Attaway

Age: Adult

Birthday: July 20

Species: Human

Identity: Trans lesbian

Voice: Smooth and somewhat deep in pitch. Pleasant to listen to.

Physical details

Briar stands at around 5'11", with dark brown skin and bleached, straw-yellow hair that she keeps pulled up at each side of her head, falling into tight coils... she almost always wears it that way. Her eyes are a medium brown.

Her fashion sense is more on dapper side, favoring things like suit vests, slacks and button-ups-- she lacks an interest in more feminine fashions. She also likes hats. It's kind of like a vintage menswear sort of fashion sense, only not complete shit.





Ongoing Story


ugh ill do this another time
  • She can't use a phone without wearing those conductive-fingertip gloves. She wouldn't use these words to describe it, but it's a pain in the ass.

  • She has various USB ports and plugs and the like on her body but doesn't really bring it up. Those exist more for the convenience of the people who made her to use for testing... you could plug your mp3 into her but she doesn't really want you to do that.

  • She doesn't have any kind of robot self-hatred, but she's a little self conscious about being as hard to cuddle as she is.

  • When people ask her if there's a drink she'd suggest she just makes one up. She can't drink, after all.

  • Living somewhere with a birdfeeder is a dream of hers. She wants to identify the little birds...

  • She's fairly weather-resistant, so she can take a fair bit of rain. That said, it's an unpleasant sensation for her, so she tries to keep an umbrella stocked as much as she can.

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